ODBS Today: 

ODBS has been developing various areas of the 34-acre sanctuary for the past 5 years. Currently we have 2 large outdoor aviaries with more under construction. Nearby is the hub of ODBS, the Bird Care Center, which is not only home to our smaller birds but also command central for our staff and volunteers. Everyone at ODBS is a volunteer, wearing hats from Executive Director to Program Coordinator to Education Team member and more.

Another aspect of the sanctuary is the hiking trails running through 3 very distinctive habitats: prairie, hardwood forest and pine forest. Each trail brings unique learning and some hands-on experiences.

We are open seasonally and in 2017 this will be Saturdays from June 24 to Sept 2 from 12-4 with an exciting raptor program at 1pm. We also do many types of off-site programming all year round. For a raptor program at your location contact Judy at programs@opendoorbirdsanctuary.org.

 The Future of ODBS:

What we have now at the Sanctuary is part of a master plan that was developed as soon as we set foot on the land. The key components of this vision are: Outdoor Aviaries, an Avian Clinic, Visitor Center, Show Area and a Songbird Aviary. Our current Bird Care Center will grow into the Avian Clinic and become more of a Staff Center. Our current show area will be more for training as we develop a bigger area in the northwest corner of the property. Below are concept sketches of what is on the horizon.

ODBS Visitors Center
ODBS Songbird Aviary
ODBS Show Area