Open Door Bird Sanctuary’s mission is to bring a close up and personal experience with a bird of prey to everyone. Through our unique 34 acre preserve and our outreach programming we do just that. WE are providing a safe haven for raptors that cannot be released back into the wild due to some type of injury, most often caused by human contact. Now these birds are ambassadors of nature and wildlife and inspire our audiences to new levels of not only appreciation but also activism. Our earned revenue contributes to our sustainability but we can’t cover all of our needs without support from you.

Currently there are multiple avenues of support:

Capital CampaignWe have a solid foundation to grow from and looking to the future of the sanctuary, we are prioritizing the goal of firmly establishing ODBS to be in place for generations to come. Today, the property is leased and we would like to make the purchase of the property our primary focus now and until we reach our goal. This will be a big task, one that is likely to continue for several years, but one that is critical to the longevity of ODBS.  The 34 acre property is valued at about $175,000 and through significant donations and fundraising through the Hoot-e-Nanny, $62,000 has been applied toward the goal.

Operational Needs: Some of our operations costs include: bird food and veterinary care, transportation, property maintenance and advertising.