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Our resident birds are the heart and soul of Open Door Bird Sanctuary, and make appearances with our volunteers in front of many thousands of people each year, to inspire and educate. 

Help support one or more of our 20 non-releasable birds through “Adoption”. Your contributions help ODBS offset costs for food, enrichment, medical care and training.

An annual adoption is a wonderful way to directly support the continuing care of our resident birds of prey.

All adoptions are good for one year and are
tax deductible. An adoption makes a great
gift for any occasion.



Be a Volunteer

There are many opportunities to volunteer at Open Door Bird Sanctuary! We need volunteers for land stewardship/gardening, being on the Open Days Team, being an educator/off-site & on-site, being on the Raptor Team, on the construction team, and working remotely on miscellaneous projects. 

Raptor Team: these people make a commitment of one 3 hour shift a week for a minimum of one year to take care of our birds and train to become a bird handler. Raptor team members help educate the public and handle birds in programs

Education Team: although these people don’t handle birds and aren’t involved weekly, they play a vital role in educating the public on open days and at offsite programs.

Land Stewards: a behind the scenes role – these stewards are vital to keeping the sanctuary grounds looking good by assisting with property maintenance and other projects.

Administrative: this includes but is not limited to social media, book keeping, membership work, grant writing and fundraising.

We are always looking for new volunteers and you may have a skill we could use that doesn’t fit into the groups above. If you are interested in helping at Open Door Bird Sanctuary, let’s talk, we will find a place for you!

Give Back

Make a Donation

Open Door Bird Sanctuary’s mission is to bring a close up and personal experience with a bird of prey to everyone. Through our unique 33 acre preserve and our outreach programming we do just that. We are providing a safe haven and lifetime home for raptors that cannot be released back into the wild due to some type of injury, most often caused by human contact. Today, these birds are ambassadors of nature and wildlife and inspire our audiences to new levels of not only appreciation but also activism. Our earned revenue contributes to our sustainability but we can’t cover all of our needs without support from you.

Currently there are multiple avenues of support …


Support Our Dedicated and Specialized Staff

We love our birds, but we love our staff too! Our dedicated staff are there day in and day out 365 days/year to make sure our birds are fed, healthy, safe and get the personal attention they need to be ready to inspire and engage the public. They are meeting excited tourists and residents almost daily along with school programming and lots of other on and off site outreach. Plus, we have a couple of people who volunteer a lot but still get paid a little – there are so many behind the scenes things needed to keep ODBS running. We couldn’t do what we do without our volunteers, but our volunteers need our staff in order to shine and these people are paid!

The open door in Open Door Bird Sanctuary is open because of our dedicated staff so please consider donating to this critical operational need which ensures our ability to present a trained group of residents birds and volunteers to you, always improving and growing.


Support Our Raptor Residents

Giving any animal that cannot be released back into the wild a “forever home” is a HUGE commitment and even more-so with raptors. The larger the bird, the more space they need and their lifespan can range from 10-40 years when receiving topnotch food and habitat. Here at ODBS we have made that commitment and some of our birds could outlive some of us! Caring for these majestic birds is a combination of things, though, it isn’t just about making sure they have food. Purchasing quality food is critical and costs continue to escalate. Did you know it costs $55/day to feed all of the birds at ODBS? Added onto this is health care, a dedicated daily handler and trainer and supplies that create their personal habitat. In addition, there is special equipment that enable our volunteers to work with the birds and  something as simple as power which gives them heat and light, keeps their food frozen and makes sure those that need an inside winter home have one.

Please consider donating to this operational need which ensures our birds are well taken care of in every way and ready to meet and greet and share their amazing life stories with our visitors or in programming off site.


Support Our Inspiring and Educational Programming

Sharing our avian residents with you is our main reason for being. We are so passionate about raptors that we want the whole world to know how amazingly cool they are! We have seen the awestruck looks and felt the excitement from folks who have had the chance to see up close a Red Tail hawk or a Bald Eagle or one of the  largest owl species in the world and it makes us want to spread the word even more. We offer engaging environmental education through interactive, live behavioral demonstrations. We are also able to highlight the property’s ecosystems using our unique 33 acre property. We take it further by  reaching out to do bird programs for schools, nursing homes, club meetings and festivals just to name a few. Creating all this excitement costs  money through advertising, an engaging website, keeping our property up and making it safe for visitors and last but not least, our ODBS van – it takes the birds everywhere! We even participated in a wonderful bird festival in Madison who picked us over others because of our high level of engagement with people as well as our wonderful raptors.

Please consider donating to this operational need which ensures that we can continue to provide interesting, fun, and educational programs to folks of all ages both at ODBS and at lots of other locations as well.

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